Golf at the 40th Reunion!

There is a change in the golf outing. I advised Marco that Bear Creek in Chandler would be a week longer off of overseed than ASU (4 days off overseed) and can take us on Friday Oct 20th and is less expensive, so Marco handed organizing this thing off to me.

Here are the details.
Date: Friday October 20th. First tee time 8:01am.

Location: Bear Creek Golf Course.
500 E. Riggs Rd.
Reservation name is Kevin Hatch.


  • Green Fee $37 +tax, includes power cart. (Pay at the Golf Course Pro Shop)
  • Small bucket of range balls $5.
  • Rental clubs, Tour Edge $30. They have men's and women's right and left-handed. Ping rental clubs $50. Call the pro shop to reserve clubs.
  • Pull carts $5. No green fee break for walking.

The course will be cart path only (as would ASU). Bear Creek is a pretty good walking course. There are places where going from greens to tees will have you walk on dirt or the cart path, but about half the time it's grass from greens to tees. I've walked it in the past, and I'll walk it for this since CPO is kind of a drag.

We'll play regular stroke play. We'll have closest to the pin and longest drive contests. Stroke play, closest and longest for bragging rights only. Play from whatever tees you like except on the longest drive hole, which will be from the blue tees.

We'll have a group 25-cent skins game. Those who want in on the skins game will pay $5 cash to me to enter before teeing off. Skin is awarded to the lowest single score on a hole among the group. Ties carry forward. This usually works out to seeing if anyone birdied a hole. We'll tally skins in the clubhouse after all groups finish. If there is no single skins winner on 18, those that tie for the lowest score on 18 will group roshambo (paper, scissors, rock) for the last skin. Trust me, this works. Nominally, there will be a few dollars extra since 18 x .25 is 4.50. Overage will go toward server tip in the clubhouse.

We'll play modified-duffer-ready-golf-let's-move-this-thing-along rules. Tweaks are as follows.

  • All unplayable lies (like in shrubs or whatever) or lost balls can be played from the fairway/rough, no closer to the hole (as best as you can figure) with a one stroke penalty. Does not apply to sand traps.
  • Balls lost in water hazards play according to normal rules.
  • It's ok to move your ball a little to improve your lie, like from divots or bare areas. Let your conscience be your guide.
  • It's ok to move rocks and whatnot out of the way if you're going to hit your ball from the dirt/rocks, a little ball movement, or even placing the ball, in such a case is acceptable with no penalty.
  • Triple bogie maximum. Pick up and move on.
  • No such thing as a 4-putt. That is, if you miss your second putt, pick up and move on; you still record what would have been your third putt as a stroke. Strokes using putter from the fringe are not putts.
  • Gimmes within the leather of a conventional putter, except for birdies.
  • No mulligans, although one breakfast ball on the first tee is acceptable with no penalty.

I've only played in a few group outings, and I've never organized one before, so if anyone has ideas about amping up the fun, let me know. Btw, I think group skins is more fun than a scramble. That's why no scramble. Plus, then it doesn't matter how the groups are set up.

The deadline for committing to play is Thursday October 12th. I'll set up the groups according to my whimsy or pulling names out of a hat, but if you know you want to play with someone, let me know. I'll send an email to the committed group after the deadline to inform everyone re who is playing. Currently, 10 people informed Marco that they were in for the preliminary plan of playing at ASU on Thu the 19th. I'll get that info from Marco, but please email me to verify that you're in for Fri Oct 20th at Bear Creek.

Go Duffaloes!!

Kevin Hatch